Presentations guidelines

Guidelines for chairs, invited speakers, oral presentations and posters

1.- Information for Chairs

Chairs should contact the speakers presenting in their session to reconfirm the time assigned to each of the presentations. They should also review the overall content/topic of the session to prepare the introduction to the session. The complete programme is available in the ‘Scientific Program’ tab on the ECCB2022 website: ECCB2022 Final programme 

The final programme will not be printed, and the content of the sessions will only be available in the ECCB2022 App and in PDF format on the website very soon.

The Chairs must arrive at the assigned meeting room 15 minutes early and reconfirm the attendance of the speakers. The Chairs must keep the speakers and the session on time to avoid delays in the program. The presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes and will be followed by discussions limited to 3 minutes. Chairs should signal the speaker the last 3 minutes left for their talk.

At the beginning of the sessions, the Chairs should remind the audience that they can ask questions at the end of the session in person or through the ECCB2022 mobile App [Agenda>>Session>>Live Q&A]. They should also be ready to announce any additional information that the Organising Committee asks them to communicate at the start of their session.

The front-row seats in the rooms will be reserved for speakers and Chairs. The Chairs will be provided with a hand microphone and a tablet to check the Live Q&A asked by the audience. The conference runs in a hybrid format and the Chairs should follow the audiovisual staff instructions to make sure that the virtual participants can hear and watch the session properly.

2.- Information for speakers

The official language of the ECCB2022 is English. Please bear in mind that most of the delegates are not native English speakers. 

The speakers and presenting authors should arrive at the meeting room 15 minutes before the beginning of the session and introduce themselves to the session Chair. It is very important that, for a smooth development of the conference, all speakers and presenting authors respect the pre-assigned presentation time. You can check the full agenda here: agenda. The ECCB2022 Final Programme (PDF) will be available soon in the Scientific Programme section of the conference website (

The presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes and will be followed by 3-minute discussions.

Speakers ready room

The speakers will not be able to use their personal laptops to present slides. All presentations must be handed in advance at the Speakers Ready Room (Room Mestral 1). The presentations will be loaded into a handling system that will store and distribute the presentations to the assigned session room. The slides should be handed in preferably the day before or at least 2-3 hours before the session starts. Please secure enough time to deliver your slides to the Speakers Ready Room. Keep in mind that mornings and lunch breaks are very busy, as many of your colleagues will be uploading slides as well.

The Speakers Ready Room technicians will load your presentation into the system so that it will be available for your talk on the computer placed in your session room. The speakers should make sure that all fonts appear as expected and all sound/ video clips are working properly before they leave the Speakers Ready Room. Please preview your presentation carefully on the Speakers Ready Room computer before giving the final Ok to the technicians. If you are presenting more than one talk during the conference, you can upload all your presentations at the same time, and they will be sent to their corresponding session room at the time of your sessions.

Please note that the Speakers Ready Room will be open on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The speakers that will present slides during the Workshops and Tutorials on Sunday will not use the Speaker Ready Room; their presentations should be uploaded directly to the laptop of the assigned meeting room.

In order to submit a presentation and to upload, preview and edit files in the Speakers Ready Room the speakers will be asked to identify themselves. Kindly note that storage devices (USB Memory Sticks, CDs, DVDs, etc.) will not be returned if left behind. Please ensure that devices are collected before the close of the conference, after which they will be destroyed.

3.- Presentation/slide format

All presentations must be in PowerPoint format (version 2019 or higher) or in PDF format with the videos, if any, embedded in it. Save your presentation in .ppt, .pptx (PowerPoint) or .pps, .ppsx (PowerPoint Slideshow) format on a memory stick, CD or DVD, including a copy of the videos and other files that are embedded in the presentation and the font package, if you have used special fonts. Make sure the math symbols are in a Latin font. The rooms will be equipped for projection in 16:9, full HD 1920×1080.