The Quest-for-Orthologs (QfO) consortium is an open community of researchers interested in a diverse set of topics related to orthology inference. This includes the development of algorithms, benchmarks and community standards, the distribution of orthology assignments via dedicated databases, but also applied analyses in a functional and evolutionary context. QfO-7 will bring together scientists working on all aspects of orthology-related questions but we have identified four focus areas (i) ortholog searches in the light of global genome sequencing initiatives, (ii) the identification of orthologs for non-coding RNA genes, (iii) the impact of improved 3-D structure modelling on deep orthology inference, and (iv) ortholog search in viruses.  Part of QfO7 will be held as an ECCB2022 workshopNew Trends in Bioinformatics – Novel challenges in the quest for orthologs“. Scientists from all stages of their careers (PI, post-doc and graduate students) are encouraged to participate.

The details in brief:

  • What: QfO-7 – Novel Challenges in the quest for orthologs
  • When: Sept. 17 9:00 am – Sept. 18 6:00 pm
  • Where: Hotel Melia. Sitges, Spain
  • Topics: Orthology inference: From algorithm to application
  • Good to know: QfO-7 is part of the ECCB2022 (see
  • Contact:
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